Desks represent some of the most visible pieces of furniture in any office.
A wisely chosen desk can do wonders to spruce up your office space, or aide in creating the kind of setting or atmosphere that you have in mind. Our experience and insight in this area can help you make the choice that suits your needs and setting perfectly.

We can also match up to your existing desking with design and wood colour finishes !


The Right Office Chair Can Protect Against Injury
Office chairs provide more than just comfort. They protect workers from physical injury.
Sitting for long periods of time can take a toll on the body, resulting in muscle pain, joint stiffness, aches, sprains and more.
Let us assist you in choosing the correct chair for you.


As much as we try and go paperless , there is still a huge amount of storage cabinets required in business.
We can offer you cabinets for lever arches , hanging files , stationery , clothes , and just about anything you need to file away. We can also match your existing wood or steel finishes.


A company boardroom is a setting that is meant to convey an air of success, refinement, class and professionalism.
Given the sheer volume of options that exist in terms of furniture and décor, it can sometimes feel practically impossible to craft the ideal boardroom environment. We will come measure your room , advise and quote according to room size or your seats required. We can also match existing side servers and tables.


In practically every sphere of life, first impressions count, and facilitating the best possible experience simply makes sense.
Your office environment is no exception. Your clients or prospective clients can be either instantaneously impressed or put off when entering your business’s reception area, depending on the level of insight that has gone into its creation. We can help you ensure that every client visiting your premises feels warmly welcomed.





Craft a canteen space that provides a relaxing and rejuvenating break from the pressures of the office.
An intelligently created canteen area gives staff members a great opportunity to unwind and recharge, enabling them to return to their tasks with gusto. Let us help you put together the ideal break time setting.




We are able to supply a wide variety of tables in different sizes and shapes, and the seating solution to go with that.
We are in partnership with Parrot Products and can offer you their full range of modern training aides from whiteboards , bulletin boards , pull down screens and even interactive solutions. Let us come out to advise on the interactive solution available.